Question Budget CPU to pair with with a 1060 ?


Dec 3, 2020
Hi! Im looking for budget CPU (AMD or Intel), would be good if it has cooler with it. My GPU is 1060 6GB and im just starting building an PC with it for my sister. Need some budget CPU for around 70/80$ ? Its not for like heavy CPU games. Mostly something like fortnite/Valorant/Phasmophobia. Would be good if it gets around 90fps? On fortnite low settings? (Im not sure if its possible with budget CPU but should be, I have Ryzen 5 3600 on my own PC and i think i get above 120)

Best choice would be something from AMD coz as i said i don't plan to buy an extra good CPU cooler and neither will the PC have many cooling fans.

Thanks for reading and answering!