Question Budget monitor recommendation

Mar 10, 2020
Hey there,

I am planning to build my first PC real soon and I am in need of your advice regarding budget monitor. I will be mostly gaming on this computer with programming and watching movies on the side. I don’t know what kind of tech I should go like an IPS or a TN or whatever… I spent my entire computer carrier on laptops so I am completely clueless regarding a stand-alone monitor experience.

I came across ASUS VP228H, do you think it will do the job? Its the price is around 100 bucks on amazon, but due to import and some other form of high taxes in my country, together with reseller profits, even this price transforms into a premium one. So I have to stick with a budget monitor for now. If you have an alternative suggestion, it should be around VP228H in terms of cost.

What I ultimately want is a gaming-suitable monitor that won’t give me a headache after two hours of use.
I would appreciate it if you can list several alternatives because some monitors can not be found here. If the first monitor that you suggest isn’t obtainable, I can buy some other one.

Thank you, folks, in advance,



Where are you located, and what is your budget when it's all said and done?

In a very simplistic nutshell:
TN = Gaming. Best response times.
IPS = Production/imagies/movies. Best colour reproduction
VA = A solid balance of TN and IPS.

Given you're looking at gaming + videos etc, I'd lean towards VA if at all possible.

What hardware do you plan to use? Higher refresh rates (>60Hz) can be very nice to have, for gaming especially.... even 75Hz is a noticeable step up... and there are budget offerings with such.

Given the VP228H is a ~$100 monitor (in the US at least) and fairly basic in terms of features (21.5", 1080p, 60Hz, IPS).... I'd expect you should be able to find something that'll be an improvement on that for similar money.

Depending on your location, take a look for "Sceptre" or "Viotek" VA, 75Hz options.

Some Chinese offerings might work (albeit +shipping) if your country is more lenient on import charges from China vs somewhere else. .
For example:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_