Budget PC build. Cannot decide if I should go for a better CPU or a GPU.

Sep 2, 2018
Hello Everyone,
I am on a tight budget of ~60k INR. I want to build a pc and after some research, I found that the following would be ideal for my purposes.
Ryzen 5 1600 - ~12100
nvidia gtx 1050-ti - ~13500
kingston 120gb SSD - ~2100
seagate barracuda 1tb HDD - ~3100
corsair vengeance 2400 Hz 8gbram - ~6000
Asus prime b350m-a mobo - ~7500
Asus vp228h monitor - ~9000
corsair or cooler master cabinet - ~4000
corsair cx430m PSU (430 w power) - ~4000
Total - ~ 61k INR
Benchmarks on userbenchmark
Gaming- 41% desktop - 67% workstation - 55%
But, however, when I did the following the gaming benchmarks changed.
If I switch the processor to ryzen 3 2200g and the GPU to gtx 1060 - 3gb, the benchmarks change to
Gaming - 62% desktop - 63% Workstation - 40%
And the total changes to - ~ 63k. Also, I am afraid that by changing the CPU and GPU there might be a chance of bottlenecking
Now I am in a huge dilemma and I am unable to choose between the two builds.

P.S. This will be my first build ever. And I am gonna use this desktop for gaming (weekly) and full-time programming.
So, please help me out, guys. Tell me if I should go for a better CPU or a better GPU. Also please tell me if there is something wrong with my build.


Hard work mate , honestly I'd stock with the ryzen 1600 & 1050ti out of the 2 choices above.

The 1600 is just way way way better than the 2200g. & the 1050ti is still a decent 1080p medium/high setting gpu.

The ryzen 1600 will likely never need upgrading for at least 5 years.
Sep 2, 2018

Thank you for the reply. I also want to know if there would be any bottlenecking issues if i go with 2200g. I read about that in this thread.


Bottlenecking ? No ,notq a term I'd use anyway .

Some games can use more than 4 threads , bf1, hitman, ac origins - all scale up to 8-10 threads.

There will be certain titles where a straight quad like the 2200g will become a limitation hitting 100% usage.
That doesn't mean games will be unplayable, it's still a decent cpu & will pair well with a 1060.

The fact is though a 1060 3gb is maybe 25-30% better than a 1050ti whereas the ryzen 1600 has probably double the processing power of the 2200g - while that extra headroom may be unnecessary for the majority of titles now the fact remains it's way way more,futureproof than a straight quad core.

I would still take the ryzen 1600 combo any day of the week.

Kasper Jorgensen

Jun 10, 2017
That Corsair CX430 is the old Green Label unit, don't buy that as it is not good. Get the newer Grey Label CX450 version instead.
You also want faster RAM speed for Ryzen and in a dual channel kit.