Question Budget PC for Console Streaming and Recording - ready or parts

Nov 28, 2019
After a long search through threads and websites, I decided to create an account and ask for some advice. Maybe you can help me.

So, let me get to the point.
I'm Mac users and I build my last Windows desktop about 10-12 years ago. I'm lost with all new specs and I'm using a console for all of my games. A computer is for recording, streaming, video editing, and other work. I need to split that from my regular Laptop and get a desktop which one will be primarily used for that purpose.
From my Windows desktop, I expect compatibility with internal game card recorder like Elgato or different [right now I'm Elgato 60s user].
I may use it in a future with Elgato 4k60 Pro but I wouldn't expect that now. I'm more focus around Switch, PS4 and stick with Full HD.
I am capable to build desktop by myself so that is not a problem but getting ready one can save time. Only if this will be a good setup.
What I found and thinking is some Alphasync from Ebuyer - for example, this one:
Specs look good and I should easily use it for everything I want.
I need to use it for video recording, video montage, compressing, etc.
Livestreaming - Twitch, OBS, use with 2x camera sources, external microphone. Right now I'm Scarlet 2i2 user and it works very well with my existing setup.

What could you help me and suggest? What do you think about this Alphasync? This is something new?
Also budget. Right now I would like to spend less then £800 and something below that would be even better so I can fit sooner camera upgrade.
Plus not gonna lie, quiet PC better than a loud one. I may put that one on a desk.

Thanks in advance.