[SOLVED] Build Help with Fans and Argb

Dec 7, 2022
Hey y'all,
I am building my first ever PC (mostly for heavy multitasking [I am a programmer and have multiple hefty applications open simultaneously] and gaming) and I am new to this so have a bunch of questions if you kind ppl will graciously answer.
My Planned Specs:-

Case: Cooler Master TD500
Motherboard: MSI MPG Z690 Edge DDR5 WIFI Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core i7-13700K
PSU: Asus ROG THOR 850P 850 W 80+ Plat
Ram: G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 6000MHz
Fans: Cooler Master MF120 Halo 3 pack (for front intake)

So a total of 7 fans (3 exhaust on aio mounted on top of case, 3 MF120's on front of case for intake and one near the I/O panel of the MoBo).
Context:- Most of the peripherals are straight forward to install on the MoBo but I am having issues analyzing where to place fans. Also I am a hardcore RGB fan (no pun intended XD) and wanted to know a couple of things. I do not want to install a separate rgb software for all manufacturers (corsair, msi, asus etc)
Q1. Is it possible to control all peripherals from a single rgb software (lets say iCue). I know iCue doesn't support msi motherboard but does support asus motherboards and Asus z690-f is similarly priced with similar specs. I dont care about the motherboard rgb that much tbh and can live with it

Q2. The motherboard has 6 fan headers and 3 argb headers so most likely I need a pwm and argb hub to connect the 3 aio fans and the 3 front fans. I know about 2 good ones
  1. Corsair Commander Core XT.
  2. Cooler Master Masterfan Hub (https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/masterfan-argb-and-pwm-hub/)
the thing is afaik corsair commander core xt will let you individually control the speed of each connected fan as well as the rgb of each fan in iCue but it can only control the rgb of corsair fans (dupont connector type) while the cooler master fan hub can control speed of only one fan and the other 5 fans copy this speed. Also since the cm fan hub connects via the argb header, afaik all fans will have a single color or effect and cannot configure individual fan (or individual led like we can do in iCue for corsair fans).
shall I connect the masterfan halos to commander core xt via pirate dog adapter cables, then can I control all fans individually?? or do I say screw it and buy corsair fans and corsair aio (I really like the tasteful rgb of cooler master, corsair QL and LL fans just look ugly with that thick led ring on the periphery of the fan)?
Q3. if I am not connecting the radiator fans to cpu fan header and am using the commander core instead, how will commander core know when to ramp up the speed and ramp down the speed.
Q4. is it usually advised to have all 6 fans (3 intake and 3 on radiator) on same speed or do I need have separate speeds for them, if so how do I define the speeds and how do I know what speeds to use.
Q5. Is there any other good hub which can do pwm fans and individually addressable rgb fans.
Q6. Is this part list good (do I need to upgrade or downgrade anything)

All in all I want a nice synchronized rgb for the fans and ram using only one software. I know it is a lot to ask considering there is no standard so all manufacturers are doing their own thing but I have seen it happen (maybe with not my specific combo of parts)


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Ditch that and pick up something from any other brand, just not MSI. Regardless of their recall processes, they are a nightmare to work with in terms of RMA'ing or even their support team.

the cooler master fan hub can control speed of only one fan and the other 5 fans copy this speed.
Yes, it'll take the source signal for that header and the same signal will be replicated to all fans tethered to the hub. For the Coolermaser hub, you're going to have to tinker with a fan curve and see what sort of a curve is to your liking. The Corsair controller will allow for individual manipulation but please keep in mind that devoid of iCUE, the controller is pointless, while the Coolermaster hub will work so long as the CPU/Fan header it's plugged into is not faulty.

If you plan to get the Corsair controller, please keep in mind that the ARGB/RGB connectors for the fans that it will tether to are going to be proprietary, while the PWM connector is universal for either of the hubs you're looking at.

You might want to stick to one ecosystem as opposed to mixing and matching parts, hubs and fans. In fact you might want to look into Lian-Li's fans.