Question Building a Mini-ITX gaming system. Need GPU recommendations.

Jeff Kaos

Apr 6, 2014
Here's a link to what I've decided on so far:

Right now I'm struggling to find a good GPU that will fit inside this case. This is my first mini-build and I'm basically putting it together for my son to use on the living room TV. I'd really appreciate any insight into a good GPU that will run most games at medium or high settings.

Jeff Kaos

Apr 6, 2014
That case is seriously no good, you need to have a rethink.
Thanks. I appreciate it. This was pretty much the first case I came across. While I've built many PC in the past (used to do it for a living) it's been a few years since I've built one and this is the first small form factor gaming build I've ever considered.

Rogue Leader

It's a trap!
There are no SFF GPUs that will run most games medium to high. I agree definitely need to rethink that case. There are tiny cases out there that will still fit a full size GPU, and then you'll need to get yourself a good SFF PSU (Corsair, Seasonic, and Silverstone all make them) and you can have a good little system. Check out the Metallic Gear Neo for a nice little Mini ITX case that can fit a fairly normal size GPU.


The issue here is a decent sff gaming pc comes at a cost.

That cost being money, it will cost you a fair bit more to built mitx than it will to build matx.

Decent mitx cases that take full size psu's and gpu's are not cheap!!


$500 budget and a small form factor case, I'd probably be looking at something like this:

PCPartPicker Part List

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor ($87.99 @ B&H)
Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard ($134.99 @ Newegg)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($45.00 @ Amazon)
Storage: Crucial P1 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive ($62.99 @ Adorama)
Case: Fractal Design Node 202 HTPC Case ($79.99 @ Newegg)
Power Supply: Silverstone SFX 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified SFX Power Supply ($74.99 @ B&H)
Total: $485.95
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-06-26 10:19 EDT-0400

-Wolf sends


Decent mitx cases that take full size psu's and gpu's are not cheap!!
They aren't really any more expensive, than a good ATX case. Right now there aren't many good cheap cases, in any size.

The problem with this low budget, is pricing is all messed up still, and inventories are low. It's a horrible time to build a system. A 3200g is going to have a hard time, with modern titles, being a 4c/4t cpu. I wouldn't recommend anything less than a 1600af, if you can get one for a decent price, or a 3300x.

Rogue Leader

It's a trap!
Missed the $500 budget for the whole thing part. $500+MiniITX+Medium to high settings GPU does not exist.

Wolfshadw's build will give you something that will play most games on low settings and fit into the size factor. When it comes to Mini ITX in that price range thats the best you will get. Some SFF GPUs you could maybe figure into a build but they won't run games much better, certainly not Medium to High.
May 14, 2020
0 this is one i compiled, little bit out of your budget but wayyyy more performance, matter of a fact i've got an identical pc and it really can do everything i wanted it to, especially for a 500-600 price point

but you can change out some parts here, like the case, psu, storage or even cpu if you want to stick to the a320m platform and 3200g. but to answer your question, a 1650 super is perfect. find one that costs around 150, it should be cheaper because itx gpus are naturally cheaper. but you really need to change out the case and psu, this thing needs atleast 450w of power.
Love those ITX builds, I have done a number.
On your list, I see two issues:
1. A 200w psu is not going to run anything more than integrated graphics.
And the psu's included with cases are invariably cheap quality. Antec might be an exception.
2. You buy an APU for the decent integrated graphics. When you need more graphics capability for fast action gaming, you will have wasted the price premium on an apu.

More to the point of your objective.
If you are going to use this in a Home theater environment. Start with the case.
I would start with Silverstone which makes a bunch of possible cases.
If you might need a dvd player, here is the ML07:
Another might be the RVZ02b.
Each can handle a full length graphics card.
These cases will require a smaller SFX power supply. 450w wil suffice for all but the strongest of graphics cards.
If you can handle a larger case, ATX power supplies are cheaper.

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a cheap psu.
Here is a Corsair SFX 450w unit:

For gaming, the graphics card will be the critical component, particularly for fast action gaming.
Something like a GTX1660 super
Here is one for $ 230.

One rule of thumb for a balanced gamer is to budget about 2x the cost of the processor for the graphics card.
I happen to like the intel processors for gaming. Their single thread performance is usually higher than ryzen, and that is what games need most.
I have ordered a i5-10100 processor for my son:
It has 8 threads and a boost to 4.3
I also ordered this ITX B460 motherboard for $95 It includes wifi:

Because we will use only integrated graphics(not a gaming system) I ordered a 2 x 8gb DDR4 2666 speed kit.
With a discrete graphics card, ram speed does not matter much for Intel. 2400 or 266 speed is fine.
Budget $65 or so.

I ordered a top of the line samsung 970 evo plus m.2 ssd. But there are other good m.2 devices available
A 500gb intel 660P nvme drive is inexpensive and can hold a fair number of games.

Ultimately, all will depend on your choice for the case. Consider that carefully.

In a week or so, I can tell you how it does.