[SOLVED] Building a PC for graphics design, development and only lastly: gaming

Nov 15, 2018
As mentioned...

The main intent of my purchase is for graphics design (3Ds max, Vue xStream, photoshop), software development (vs), deep learning research (I obviously am not willing to buy something like Tesla etc), and lastly... gaming (nothing beyond CSGO, Wolfenstein... and perhaps.. something else, but I'd happily lower settings a bit here and there, trade of on resolution etc)

Also, given the choice to choose EVGA etc (over the stock Nvidia cards), should I go for it? Does it matter to a point of "difference"? (I know the difference in cost isn't much, I just want to be aware):

Can someone advise me if the spec is "good enough" for a "decent home graphics workstation"? The graphics that I've done till date were on laptops with stuff like NVIDIA GTX 1060 (surface book 2) and the oldest ones using GFX cards from the early 2000s (radeaon x1300). (example of some of my work: Click here )

As you can imagine, I've patiently worked with ~0.5 fps during design-time... I'm just hoping to have my best within the ~$5000 budget.


Aug 17, 2018
with a $5000 budget. you can buy a server :D
For a work station most important is CPU/GPU

made this quick build for ~4600$

all in all you can build a BEAST of a PC for 5000$ i put 1 GPU 1080ti you could have have 2 or even 3 no problem in that buget. just get a CPU with lots of cores (AMD best in this setup for your workload more cores is better) and a good GPU, (no need of RTX, only if you want one but due to price and tehnical problems they are having, i would recomend to stick with 1xxx Series for now) maybe even more SSD's, one for OS one for Workrelated "wear&tear" things (so the storage doesnt hinder performance) and normal HDD just for Storage (i added 4 of 4TB drives just for giggles).

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