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May 12, 2019
I’m building desktop pc after a very long time. First one i have died from been just to old. :) (Time is after him and he few days ago lose his motherboard)...
I’m not an expert at all but I read on internet last week or two about components and new technologies to get into it. Need your help to build a system that will work for long time and also that he work perfect and to take advantages of CPU possibilities and of course to not make errors building him so that there is no none backwards in his ability.

I decide to build it around AMD Cpu. Most probably around 2600x although I was looking also first generation and 1600x, 1700x and 1800x. 2600x is looking like best option (good price good value and I don’t need 8cores. Six will be fine. Also will rather have stock coller and work with him at least few (3-5) years and them maybe buy better coller to clock him...

My motherboard choise is Asus because I trust theam about durability and stable work. Of course if someone now that some other manufacturers are same good for some lower money I will be 🙂. I will write specification lower just want to say that I want very good build and also want to build it that all components work together great like a unit. Want to take all advantage of CPU and his ability and technology.

Thank you in advantage. Best regards.

CPU: amd ryzen 2600x
MOB: ASUS PRIME X470-pro =149€
Rog strix x470-pro =192€
Prime b-450-plus 96€ ???
Ram: G skill F4-3200C14D-16GFX (2x8Gb) =165,00€
G skill F4-3200C14D-16GTZ (2x8Gb)=169,90€
About ram i will maybe after some time for cheaper price buy another same 2 sticks of 8gb If I will need them to speed system even more...

Storage: 1 M2 Ssd WD Black 500gb = around 100€
1 Wd black 500gb =51,90€
Also have few externals so I don’t need much space. M2 for windows and other normal HDD for software or some pictures and similiar. Idea is to have 1 M2 and one normal drive that can cover light of sun that coming from outside. :D
Also was plooking samsung evo M2 , around same size and price like this wd m2?

PSU: Corsair Rm650x =102,53€
Other is some (but I dont know which one Bequite because I was looking Bequites cases to buy... case doesnt have to be from Bequite manufacturer just it will be good to get 2,3 fans with it that doesnt have to bother with buying them.

Gpu: I dont now... was looking some nvidia and also I would like maybe after 2,3 years buy another wane same for lower price to make a SLI OR CROSSFIRE? Was looking rogs 1660ti for 343€ or 2060 = zotac rtx twin fan =353€ . They are maybe for me and expensive but I can strech if it worth it and from radeon I really doesnt now wich one? Was looking that have ddr6 when there is ddr6 on market (if ddr6 are some improvement???) I dont plan to do extreme gaming. Maybe tropical 6 in 1080p or 4K if tropics 6 can be run with 2060 or 1660ti in 4k?
Also some great monitor for 1080p but not ludicrously expensive or some good price 4K if its possible to play something like tropical 6 on 4k?
Sorry for so much text and open questions but your the only one I m looking for help to not Screw this build...
May 12, 2019
Anyone for help!

Asking is there any point in building pc like this to have space for futere investment in another same gpu in SLI and onther 2 sticks of same ram memory after some time when these two components become older and also and more imoportant much cheaper. Also is there any sense of this components or is there some better or cheper variants to mix?