Built Almost Complete; Lingering Problems!


Sep 17, 2011
My computer builld has been a pretty big success so far. im currently installing windows 7 on my computer except ive ran into two problems. You guys here have been big contributors towards that success and i'd like to thank you guys first and foremost. That being said, here are my problems:

1. The back usb ports on my mobo aren't working. I currently have my mouse connected to the front usb port on my rig (haf 922) The mobo is a gigabyte z68a-d3h-b3

2. For some reason i can't get the video to work on myvideo card. Im currently hooked up via dvi (still need a new monitor for hdmi) so i have my monitor hooked up to the onboard mobo dvi instead of my 560 ti twin frozr

I couldnt connect my keyboard to the back usb for the same reason, so i had to pull out my old keyboard and connect it to the connector they used before the went to USB (forgot the name of it)