Question Burnt Electrode on Google Pixel's Charger


Aug 16, 2018
This morning, I noticed that my Pixel 2 XL was charging much slower than usual. My deduction was right, when I locked the phone, on the bottom of the screen it says "charging rapidly, 4 hours remaining". 4 hours, that ain't right.

That's when I unplug my charger from the electric socket.
Note: this is a new (used) charger I bought roughly a good few weeks ago, and they were in mint condition when they came in.

I currently live in Indonesia so I have to use an adapter to use this charger.
I noticed this rather apparent burnt marks on the tip of my charger's electrode. My guess it's the adapter not properly transmitting the current to my charger and onto my phone, thus the burnt electrodes.

Also, say I replaced my adapter with one with better quality, does the burnt electrode will affect the charging process from now on or is it normal to have it a bit crisped?

I'm not looking forward to replacing my charger as it is still very new and costs a premium.
Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you.