Question Buy a new 8-pin PCIe cable or convert my two existing 6 Pin to a single 8 Pin?

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Oct 5, 2002
I am wondering if I should get a new PCIe cable for my PSU that has 8 pins, or just convert the two existing 6 pin PCIe plugs it has to a single 8 pin.

I have a Dell Precision T3610, it has a proprietary PSU with a single 8 Pin PCIe power port, it came stock with a cable that splits that into two 6-pin PCIe plugs. It also came stock with a Quadro K4000, which uses a single 6-pin PCIe port.

I want to replace that card with an RTX 2060, the majority of which have a single 8 Pin PCIe power port. I was wondering what would be the better way to try to go about this.

I could get a 3rd party cable designed for this PC that gives me a 8 pin Plug. My worries with that is that on top of being 3rd party (And the only one I could find is from a brand that I have seen comments their other adapters are of low quality) just about all of them try to split it into TWO 8-Pin Plugs, which I worry can be a fire hazard. Of course, that specific issue should not be a problem since I am only going to be using one of the plugs and leave the other unplugged, but the fact that the manufacturer makes a cable that tries to draw that much power out of a single 8 pin plug worries me about it's reliability and safety.

The one I found that does that is this:

I also figured I could instead of replacing the stock OEM plug that already came connected to the proprietary PSU, I could just use a cable that converts it's two 6-pin into a single 8 pin. Since those are standard I don't have to worry about the cable properly supporting whatever proprietary pinout my PSU uses. Thing is, I have no idea if this would be safer or even less safe than just using the other cable to go straight from 8 pin to 8 pin as I am not familiar with the power specs of these 6 and 8 pin cables, or how it's wired. Also worryingly most of the cables I found like this tried to convert a single 6 pin to 8, but I did find a cable that does take two 6 pins and converts them into a single 8. No idea again about the reliability, build quality, or safety of such a cable though.

The one I found that does that is this:

Any opinions on which route I should go? I am leaning more towards converting the two 6 pins to a single 8 pin, assuming the cable actually does convert both of them and isn't just taking power from a single plug while ignoring the other, but that would also be much messier and have a lot more extra cable all over my case.... not to mention I am essentially converting an 8 pin to dual 6 pion only to convert it back to a single 8 pin. But the other option I have to worry if the 3rd party is properly supporting my pinout and they seem to think it's ok to split a single 8 pin into dual 8 pins, which apparently is a fire hazard if using a power hungry card.
I mentioned that one of the reasons I am going with an RTX 2060 Super is that it's basically the best GPU I can get for $200 or less that uses a single 8-pin.

I think the confusion might have come from that I mentioned that my current GPU is 6-pin, that my system has a 2x6pin cable, and that I would not be able to split this safely into 6+8 or 8+8 pin and was asking if going 2x6 to 1x8 was safer than just finding a 1x8 to 1x8 cable to plug directly into my PSU. Since I mentioned just about every configuration that I can and cannot do I can see where it could be easy to forget I mentioned that I was going for a single 8-pin GPU (Since I highly doubt any RTX 2060 Supers were 1x6 or 2x6).

Even those single-fan OEM style cards are 8 pin..... and honestly, I am tempted to go for those over the larger retail 2 or 3 fan models since this is a smaller enterprise case since they would likely be easier to cool and power in this thing (and the power plug on most of them is on the side instead of top, just like my current GPU's is, I have no idea how much clearance I would have to route a cable from the top.

Basically, the cable I have right now that came with the system look like this:


The 8-pin end (Which I assume is a proprietary pinout) plugs into the PSU, it splits into two 6-pin plugs. One is plugged into my Quadro K4000 GPU, and since the GPU only has a single 6-pin port the other end of the cable is just plugged into nothing.
Wow, I've never seen a connector like that before and I've been building PCs for over 30 years. Maybe that's the problem though. Since I was never interested in those "brand-in-a-box" desktops that get all the weird things like that, I never saw them.

It makes me wonder if there's a connector that does the opposite and takes two 6-pins to merge them into an 8-pin. One thing that I have learnt over the decades is that almost every type of connector has an counterpart that does the exact opposite thing. I'll look on newegg...

Sure enough, I think that I've found what you need here:
OIAGLH Dual 6 Pin Female to 8 Pin Male GPU Power Adapter Cable (2 Pack)

Now I know this is a 2-pack and you don't need a 2-pack, but at least it verifies that what you need exists. Maybe they're available individually through a source near you.