Question Buying 3200mhz memory, unsure if it will work on my motherboard.

Sep 26, 2020
I just ordered 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHZ memory and on my motherboard's site ( Pro4/index.asp ) it says it supports DDR4-2400 on 7th gen Intel (which is what I have).
Can I still run this at 3200 or will it run at 2400, or will it not work at all?
Can I also run it at something in between 3200 and 2400?
Should I cancel my order? Thanks in advance.

Turtle Rig

Jun 23, 2020
Thanks! That's helpful.
Let me explain this to you my friend. Intel doesn't really care too much about RAM speed. AMD however heavily relys on RAM speed. The sweet spot for a AMD rigs RAM is 3600Mhz where the sweet spot for Intel is 2933Mhz. Intel could care less above that speed, however Im not saying it will be good but there is no advantage AMD has with 3600Mhz compared to Intels 2933Mhz recommendation even on current setups. For people with AMD setups the sweet spot is 3600Mhz and for people with Intel system the RAM sweet spot is 3200Mhz if you can achieve it as it depends on the motherboard etc. Your 3200Mhz does not need to be on the QVL list as they do leave some RAM out. They created X.M.P so you set it and it automatically adjusts your RAMs speed and timings and voltage. However X.M.P does not always work. As the above chap said you must set your RAM manually or else youll be stuck at 2133Mhz which will be a bottleneck. You must know your RAM kits CL timings and voltage and you manually input it in the BIOS same for the voltage. Once you do this and you have the latest firmware for your motherboard then that 3200Mhz will work great and youll be set. But once again some motherboards are picky so even manually adjusting it can still drop you to 2133Mhz.TLDR🙈

You bought a good RAM Kit now go set those timings which should be written on the RAM sticks or the box and you should be good to go at 3200Mhz. However if it works then suddenly puts it back to 2133Mhz after a shutdown and powerup then you must update your BIOS firmware then you will be ok. In closing have no worries just listen to what I said and you will be fine. Also you have a great CPU. Can you tell me which brand RAM and model you got? Were here for you we wont rest until your RAM is running properly at 3200Mhz my friend.👶🎗✝



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