buying internationally with credit card. Any protection?


Apr 20, 2013
Hi I recently bought something on a foreign website with credit card (not through PayPal). That means, I checkout by providing the credit card details within the website

They have shipped me the items. However, the items are somehow defected. Not working already in the first few days. I have contacted their customer service but they are not replying for 2 weeks already. A lot of emails have been sent. I expect they should have read it because we always contacted by email.

I'd like to know, in that case, can I reject the payment of credit card?
I know that I can reject unauthorized payment (e.g stolen card details by hackers)

However, if my products are having problems but do not get any resolution. Can I reject the payment too? However, the payment WAS authorized by me.

Is it true that in that case I can ONLY try to contact the merchant to see if they will reply to me? If they don't bear the responsibility then I should have no way but to accept the defected products right?

I have been hearing that rejecting a credit card payment could lead to a problem with my financial status. I don't know if it's true. If it's true then I think I will eat up the defected products