Question C:user/jaysmith/desktop to a user folder on the server


Nov 8, 2016
I have 1 user that isn't very good on a PC . Unfortunately he is the controller of the company and remotes in from Florida. Over and over i tell him Not to save anything important on his desktop because its not backed up . Still he does it ... Is there away to either have his desktop folder be on the server so change the path from c/users to S/users
or to have his desktop automatically copy into a user folder ?

I know some of the things he saves are important and I just don't want the company to lose it and me not have an answer besides I told him so ..

Thanks for any and all help
You run the risk of the machine not running if it were disconnected from the network.

Maybe just use a backup program that runs every few hours and copies any files that has been changed to the server. Technically you could write a simple bat file that copies all the files with replace and have them run it at the end of the day manually or you could schedule it I guess.


What you are talking about is called roaming profiles, yes it's possible and no it's not recommended for remote users. As USAFRet just said, something like OneDrive sync or Google Drive sync is a better option as it will keep a backup of his profile in the cloud.
One thing i use at work is Resilio sync. You set it to the folder you want to copy and then a folder on another computer and it will copy data back and forth.

I have a folder on my D:/ drive at work that anything i put in it will be sent to my home server. Now if i add something to that folder at home it will be copied to the folder on my D:/ drive at work. On my main computer at home i also use it to backup my steam library to another drive on my server......I have every steam game i own installed, just short or 6TB. Once a week ill check and update all the games then turn on Resilio sync and backup everything to the server, it only sends new data so its not sending the full 6TB every time. I did it over the weekend and it moved just short of 90GB in 15min.

The owner of the company was the same way, just saving things to his local computer or a thumb drive he left plugged in all the time. I ended up writing a batch script that would copy his desktop, my documents, and the usb drive over to the server every night. It would put the contents in a new folder every night and after a week would delete the oldest folder