Question c64x, is this real, are these guys really selling 1?


Commodore 64 computer in a keyboard....?

I am not sure about what is really being sold.

And I noted at the bottom of the link:

"ADVICE: is not simple to assemble an c64x, you need a lot of "know how" to choose and install the right components to not rise the temperatures inside the case: it's very easy to damage the keyboard components or other parts if your configuration is not balanced or able to dissipate the internal temperatures"

Product appears to be either just a case or perhaps dis-assembled. And if dis-assembled I am not sure that the keyboard comes with any components.

Per your post: " I would like a moden keyboard, but seems good?"

It may be "good" but it may not be what you want or expect.

Modern keyboard:

Google "computer keyboard reviews" and limit the search to the last year or so.
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