Question cable problem

Dec 16, 2020
i got my new quest and link cable and my hardcore gaming pc (before i had rift and it worked perfectli fine) but here is the problem i have only 360 mbps
i tryed all my ports (3.0 and 2.0)even other usb c cables but it is only around 360 mbps and it is unplayable on most of the games i had the same problem on the rift but it did no matter that much. It just was wierd bocose i connected like connected my sensor to usb 3 and it sayed usb 3 connection requered just please i tried everything updating all drivers etc
idk what to do please help i realy think is some wierd data transfer lock or something
or in the worst case something with the harware please help

gtx 1060
i5 3GHz
12 gig ram

i am playing like MOHAAB or hl alyx
its just a some weird cable speed lock
and i tried air link but i have bad wifi
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