Question Can a monitor with 72% NTSC override a laptop display of 45% NTSC

Jul 18, 2020
Dear Forum Members,
I am planning to purchase an affordable laptop with good specs. However, the laptop ships with a 45% NTSC display (on a 1080p resolution). This is a laptop I want to use for content creation. However, I do have a display monitor with 72% NTSC (on a 1080p resolution). When I connect this monitor with the laptop, will the laptop display override that of the monitor or will the monitor display be maintained even though the laptop display quality is lower?

Thank you as I anticipate your quick response.

Phillip Corcoran

So, in essence, I'd have a better display on my monitor than I'd have on the laptop even though the monitor is connected to the laptop? Thanks a lot.
All I'm saying is the external monitor will have a colour gamut of 72% NTSC even when it's connected to your laptop (since that was your original question). Whether or not that's "better" for content creation I cannot say, you'll need to ask someone else about that.