[SOLVED] Can anyone give reasons for a new RTX 3080 having graphics score in bottom 1%?


Jul 28, 2012
Brand new FTW3 RTX 3080. So gauranteed OC of 1800.

When I run it through 3D Mark, Time Spy Extreme, performance is about average, give or take (average for similar systems.) So I was a bit suprised.

I did some more careful checking, and using the 3D Mark results page, for my CPU, and RTX 3080, with my GPU speed ( 2025 Mhz,) I was in bottom 1% of that list. Which means my graphics score is in the bottom 1% of cards clocking to 2025 Mhz.

Windows 10. Current drivers. I did a clean Win 10 install just in case. Sort of weird. Any ideas?
You are running a slightly factory overclocked card With top of the line cooling.
Many of those results are from highly overclocked systems with special edition card.
Like the Kingpin series from EVGA. Built for overclocking world records.
Many more are from enthusiasts (like many members of the community) who tinker, tweek, overclock everything to its stable limits for "Their" parts. I'm one of them.
My" mid range" systems perform very well in the charts. But I spend hours/days pushing them to their stable max. Then I put them to some serious torture tests of Folding for years.
Your system is about right for "stock/Overclocked speeds.
But to get to the higher end of the scale takes a lot of time and resetting the bios restarts to get there.
Jan 9, 2022
That seems about right, your GPU score is excellent (226%)
I have Gigabyte RTX 3080 with light OC with a score of (223%)
you might need to update your 3d mark for support of newer cards