Can G9x mouse replace keyboard?


Nov 22, 2012
I don't like usings wasd keys and spacebar to jump. Can they be replaced with a better mouse like the G9x? Has anyone found a better was to walk and jump in a game rather than use wasd keys?


Apr 18, 2011
Are you asking is it possible to completely get rid of your keyboard, or are you asking about alternatives to WASD.

The former is up to you, and there are several gaming keypads but the quality on most of those products is questionable.

As far as getting away from WASD, I can tell you that many extremely high level players completely ditch WASD because of the severe limitations that it puts on your keybinding potential. Gamers who like the 4 key setup but want to have more access to relevant keybinds for their pinky and ring finger sometimes shift over to ESDF (which also gives them the bump on the F button for finding their keys in a hurry). Other gamers do things like putting move forward on one mouse button, strafe on A and Space, backpedal on a button like C or V, and jump on a side button on the mouse. The appeal of this is that you can let your 4 fingers rest on homerow while having your thumb resting on space in a natural typing position. This opens keybindings 1-7, q-y, s-h, z-b including shift+ any of those buttons and that can be very beneficial particularly in some MMO's. This methodology has been adopted particularly in MMO's by top players like Reckful because it just makes more sense than using WASD. And an even different approach, used by oldschool Quake players sometimes, is to put forward and backward on LMB and RMB, and shoot on the space bar. Some people feel that this made them significantly more accurate since they were not pressing a button on their mouse to fire the weapon, it allowed their right hand to really focus on fine aim in clutch moments. Personally I could never get used to this, but I can see the logic behind it.

In the end, the fact of the matter is that if you have a full NKRO keyboard, you can move your keybindings away from WASD in any way that you want to, and many very high level players do in fact do that to maximize their potential use of the keyboard. WASD works decently, but if you're running into issues where you feel like you're being limited simply by what your hand has access to, and if you're not interested in using an MMO mouse (as many people are not since they don't come with optimal sensors and their build quality is questionable at best), you should just stop and spend a couple of days thinking up keybindings that make sense to YOU. It can really improve your gameplay in the longrun across many genres.