can i connect both DP and HDMI cable to a single monitor?


Jan 24, 2018
I just bought a new monitor
At the moment, I'm only using the DP cable. I wonder if I could connect the HDMI as well, and maybe find an option in the monitor menu to easily switch which one should be used.
I use it for games during day, and movies at night. And it's a bit lacklustre when it comes to movies.
Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
You could connect both but it shouldn't make any difference since both DP and HDMI are digital video formats. The same pixels are being sent to the monitor either way.

TVs will often treat HDMI differently. They assume HDMI is TV video, and will apply all sorts of processing to beautify a video image (which you don't want when displaying text and windows). They do not do this processing with DP/DVI/VGA. If your monitor has these video processing features, then using the HDMI connector might make a difference. But in all likelihood the picture will be the same with either DP or HDMI.

The program you use to play video on your computer may have image processing options. Streamed video generally doesn't. But if you're playing video files that you've downloaded onto the computer, then I suggest using VLC as your player. It can use ffdshow as its video decode engine, which has a plethora of image processing options.