Can I connect to a print server locally?

Mar 30, 2018
I have just brought a second hand Hp designjet z6100, it came with a dedicated server.
At the moment it is set up in a storage space with no internet connection, is it possible to connect a laptop to the server locally?
I figure when I have print jobs i can just connect to the server do the printing and then disconnect?

I am a tech noob (especially with wide format printing and servers)


The short answer is yes: You should be able to connect the laptop to the server and then print to the DesignJet.

You could create an "ad hoc" network connection between the laptop and server via an Ethernet cable.

Can you provide more information about the "dedicated server" - just in case....

Overall all, you would install the printer drivers on the server, connect the printer to the server, and then share the printer with respect to allowing other devices (the connected laptop) to use the printer being shared by the server.

Does the following HP link show the correct printer?

Note the "How-to's" and User Guide buttons within the link.

Take a look and do some reading. Should narrow things down considerably.

The details matter so it will be helpful if you can narrow down to some specific problem that happens.

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