Can I have 1 hardwired wireless router and a second router not physically connected to the first as an access point?


Apr 6, 2014
Is there any way to have one hard wired, wireless router send a signal to another wireless router that can used as an access point without the 2 routers being physically connected? My main router is in the basement and isn't giving my tv a good enough signal to access netflix. I want to know if I can have my basement router send a signal to another wireless router that I hardwire to the tv, but not to the internet. I guess the second would used like a booster while not being connected to the original router via an ethernet or any other cable??
It does no good to put the second router next to the TV since it too would get bad signal just like the TV. You would have to place the router closer to the first router. So you would run a cable say half way to the basement and then put the other "router" at that location.

If effect you have a wireless nic card that connects to your tv ethernet port.

Unfortunately most routers can not do this. What you need is called a client-bridge. These used to be called gaming adapters because they were mostly used to let you connect console game controllers to a wireless router before game consoles came with wireless. These are still the simplest devices you can buy. Most devices that can do this are called extenders or repeaters. You do not want to actually use a wifi repeater but most can run as client-bridge. Some small subset of routers have the client-bridge feature you must read the details. If you can load dd-wrt on a router it has client-bridge options.

Still the key to making this work will be the ability to place the device in a location it gets good strong signal from the router and can still be cabled back to the tv

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