Question Can i have multiple backgrounds on across multiple monitors in ubuntu 18.04?


Feb 14, 2014
I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my computer earlier today and im trying to get everything set up the way i like it. Im coming from windows 8.1m and so far ive been able to get things set up except for my wallpapers. I have atleast 3 monitors hooked up to my pc at once and sometimes 4 when my tv is turned on. In Windows 8 i was able to select a variety of background images and each monitor would have a different image displayed on it. It would also switch one of my images every 15 minutes. I very much like this feature. For the last 3 hours i think ive been surfing the web trying to find some software for Ubuntu that gives me this functionality but i havent found it yet. I have downloaded and installed some software like "Variety" i believe it was called, and some others but im having trouble finding what im looking for. I mean, even if i cant have my background changing like i did in windows i would atleast like to have different images across all my monitors. Every program ive tried so far just displays a single image across all my screens. Not stretched, just the same picture on every monitor.
So to be clear, i would very much prefer to have the exact same functionality that windows 8.1 gave me by having a pool of images cycle across each of my monitors.
But at the very least i would like to be able to set a different image to each monitor.
Does anyone know what im looking for?
Also my install is clean, i havent changed anything about the OS yet if that helps anyone. I was reading about desktop environments earlier trying to see if installing a different one would let me do what i want. Im looking into more customization options.

Quick Update: I found software called hydrapaper which lets me have a different background on each of my monitors. So now all im looking for is something that does this but also changes the wallpapers. If anyone knows of some software that will let me do this please let me know.
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