Can i install a ddr5 video card in pcie x16 slot

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No problem, i'm not very good with your language :D

Anyway, our mistake you allreday stated the 5670.

@ pro gamer ; you really are 100 % sure the 2.1 card will work with the 1.1 mobo ? You gonne give him his money back when it doesn't ?

I have a 1.0 mobo with a 6870 and that @#*# 2.1 card doesn't work with it !!!!
Its more complicated than just saying 1.0 boards and 2.1 cards have had issues. However its a good generalisation for a starting point.
There are other instances of comparability issues which are outside that assumption which is why I recommend the OP to check with the board manufacturer.

Mactronix :)
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