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Can I Install OS on SSD without losing any games on harddrive


Mar 19, 2017
I heard having your OS on and SSD and games on hard drive will run better or something like that but idk im a noob


An SSD will definitely improve boot up times and launching any programs that are installed on the SSD (including games). Here's the options:
1. Buy an SSD and do a clean install of Windows to it. This will also require you to reinstall your games and all other software to the SSD or reinstall them to the HDD. With a clean install, Windows won't know where are games and software are located, i.e. reinstall needed.
2. Depending on how much disk space is used on your HDD, get an SSD that is larger than this and clone the HDD to the SSD. Then, you can set the SSD as the boot drive and everything (Windows, software, files) will be in the same place, but now on the SSD. Reformat the HDD and use it for extra storage.
3. Back up your files to another drive or to cloud storage. Remove the files from the HDD. Hopefully, this gets the used space smaller than the SSD you want to buy. Clone the HDD to the SSD. Set the SSD as the boot drive. Reformat the HDD and put your files back on the HDD.