Question Can I mount a water cooler radiator behind my existing case fans?

Apr 19, 2023
OK, hear me out.

I have an exceedingly roomy case with a bunch of ARGB fans in it. They're large, slow moving and exceedingly pretty.

I'd like to install an off the shelf AIO in my case, but I can't get one with matching ARGB fans, and the fans that I have are not suitable for use with an AIO.

Can I mount the radiator with its existing fans behind my pretty case fans in a push\pull configuration?

I have the space and I can machine up mounting brackets pretty easily, so it's physically possible to put it there.

Will doing so be a bad idea from a performance perspective.

And yes, I simply don't want to change my aesthetic as I've got a very customized system that is as previously mentioned very pretty.
It will work just not ideal.

Depending on the air flow..... if your RGB fans are pushing air into the radiator since they are not static pressure fans the air tends to bounce off and not go thru the fins. Mounting a a fan behind it pulling air thru will help.

If your going the other way around and pushing air into the radiator with a static pressure fan it could overdrive the standard fan on the other side.

You really have to look at the specs of each fan and try to match them together.
What is the problem you are trying to solve?
Is your cpu too hot?
List your specs, particularly the heat generating parts(cpu and gpu)
What is the make/model of your case.
Can you show a photo of the situation?