Can I play Shogun 2 total war with this PC

your gpu needs to be upgraded. it is a video card and wont play games other than the very basic 1s. its missing a lot of the extra features that gaming grade cards have lots more shaders being 1 of them to play games on nvidia hardware you need a minimum of about 48 shader units (9600gt is a good entry level gpu but is still pretty weak especially if you want to play bf3 which it wont). yours has 16 which means you can play games from 2000-2005 quite well in some cases but anything made after that you will struggle with.
id recommend a gts250 as a bare minimum and for medium a 560ti i wouldnt recommend anything higher for risk of bottlenecks but with an oc i have seen the q8300 handle a gtx 570 without issues.

so yeah get a new gpu and a power supply to power it if you only have a 400w or less. 450w for a basic gts 250 a 650w for a 560ti will be pretty sweet


Jun 14, 2012
Absolutely No.
Here some recommendation if you want to do an upgrade to your pc.

Get :

Motherboard - GIGABYTE Z77P-D3
CPU - i5 2000K
HDD - depends on you
Graphics card - ATI Radeon 6850 or Nvidia GTX 550Ti
PSU - 500 - 700W ( if you planning for future upgrade I recommend high PSU )


No that card will not let you because I beleive it is below min requirements. Change the card to a 6870 or the new 7770 or better then you will be able to play. That out of all my games is my favorite one.

I took two of these 550 Ti's to run the game on ultra and they are the worst gaming cards that nVidia put out. but that nVidia 210 will not cut it. So I hope you can get a better card because that game is so awesome.

Out of all the total war games so far is the best one and I have them all. Good luck to you and I hope you can get a new card.