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Question Can I safely overclock my I7-8700K

Jun 28, 2020
Below is my current build on my gaming rig. Do you guys think I could safely overclock to 5 GHZ? On top of the CPU cooler below I have 4 other cooling fans in my build 2 of which are intake at the front and font of the top of my case. 2 of which are outtake at the back and back of the top of my case. This is my first time overclocking so I am just concerned I will blow my rig out.

I would also like to overclock my RAM if possible to 3000 as my board stock the speed at 2000/2500. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.
Not sure what.why there seems to be some 'mystical/magical' fascination with the 5 GHz number.... (as many systems deliver 99% of that performance at 'only' 4.7-4.9 GHz, especially if equipped with any GPU less than an 5700XT or 2080-level)

Do you have a Z370/390 series board? (If not, we are quickly done anyway) :)

If so, a first step would be to see what your temps are at even stock clock speeds...; not in HWMonitor what temps and clock speeds are achieved...)

Then consider all-core MCE operation (mainboard BIOS permitting) at 4.7 GHz...noting the temps...
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The 8700K is a very good CPU for overclocking and 4.9GHz all core and with good cooling 5GHz is fairly straightforward. If you have a Z370 or Z390 motherboard then you should be able to find a overclocking guide online or youtube as there are many.

As to the RAM, are you running your RAM with XMP turned on in the BIOS? What is the RAM that you have?