Can you change the mounting for the heatsink/fan for cpu?


May 25, 2012
I have a Dell Inspiron 570. I just upgraded the CPU to AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition, except the mounting for the stock heatsink that comes with it has a latch, where the factory heatsink uses screws. Is there a mounting I can buy that will screw into the backplate, so I can use the latching heatsink that came with the Phenom?
Thats why i hate Dells. Lol. An after market cooler that comes with its own mounting system/backplate should work, as they replace the entire mounting system. There's no reason you can't just use the Dell heatsink though, there's nothing terribly special about the AMD stock heatsink. You'd just want to check load temps to be sure its handling it, and your obviously not going top be overclocking on a Dell motherboard


For Now I would recommend checking this post for temporary advices.

As of now I am trying to create a guide for upgrading Inspiron 570, including overclocking. Taking into consideration Tom's zero capabilities for image hosting I decided to create a guide at Dell forum, it will be completed by the end of this week, if you can wait.

If you getting 60C during normal operation you are risking frying your CPU and MOBO, I have this temperature with overclocked CPU with excellent cooling under Prime95 (during summer time). If you attempt to apply any testing or palying demanding games - you definately would damage CPU at least, if not all your PC.



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