Question can you help me choose between Ryzen 3 3300x and Ryzen 5 3400g?

i'm newbie for pc building thing, so can you help me choose cpu for my first build? pardon my english. thanks :)
@Djoza actually asks a very good question. Assuming this is a build for gaming, you've really got to start with a GPU and build around that. But the thing is, they are nigh on impossible to get, especially at a reasonable price. Same for CPU's, but less so if not going for the latest AMD products.

It's the market right now, just the way it is. If starting from scratch with no GPU at all you're probably much better off looking for a pre-built computer because they can get GPU's direct from distributors (before scalpers and miners get them) that you can't.

Either that or start with one of AMD's top APU's...a 3400G (one of your choices). They have perfectly useable GPU's included with the CPU. Once the market settles down (some analysts are saying it won't be until next year for that) then you can get a better GPU.
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