Question Can you run the XVX Womier K87 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in all white mode WITHOUT the software?


Sep 8, 2022
Does anyone know if you can you run the XVX Womier K87 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in all white RGB mode WITHOUT the software? So meaning, can you just use the keyboard controls to change to static white light? Or do you have to download and run the software to do that? I'm looking for an affordable all/mostly white keyboard that has the ability to run White staticRGB light without having to download and run software.

I just bought and now returned this RK Royal Kludge RK100, because it only runs crazy rainbow colors (dark royal blue, teal, orange, red, gold, green, etc) from the keyboard controls. If you want to run any color you can think of, you have to download and use the software. Which I don't want to have to do, since I'm going to be running this keyboard and my PC build on Linux OS. So the keyboard needs to be able to run that pure bright white or ice blue light straight from the keyboard. Not the software.

Here's the one I'm looking at, but am open to other suggestions (trying to stay in the $40-80 range):

This is the look I want:

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The kb I use does have fn keys to manipulate the colors. Check your manual and see if yours does

just looked. Nope you can’t