Question Can you use a ddr3 and ddr3l ram together? My laptop almost breaks because of that. Do you have any tip on how to fix that???

Sep 22, 2019
So recently I just bought ram stick for my laptop. It's an Adata 4gb ddr3l ram stick. And my laptop has a 4gb ram soldered to the motherboard. And the preinstalled ram is a ddr3 ram. When I put my new ram stick to the laptop and boot it up. My laptop just start glitching on the boot screen and it shuts down and boot up again and it just stuck there. I can't even turn it off. I was so scared. So I take it off and then it still stuck. I waited for like 10minutes. Luckily when I open the lit again and it says to restart. I was relief.
I just want to ask does anyone know how to fix that. Any expert? Pls explain why did it do that?
Ps. My laptop is an Asus a455l
That is Th only laptop I had. So I don't want to break it. :)