Question Can you use two different wifi mesh systems?

Oct 9, 2020

I just purchased a TP Link Deco mesh system. I also have the older Google Wifi mesh system.

Can I use both mesh systems using the same network name and password to effectively double the coverage?
What function do you think mesh provides. If you are using them as simple repeaters it might work. Still running repeater-repeater-repeater greatly degrades your wifi performance. If you are connecting them via ethernet cable and running them as AP they should work. Most mesh systems are very proprietary. Some of the better ones acutally use dedicated radios for backhual. Most are just dumb repeaters with the name "mesh" stamped on the box

You should never use wifi repeaters /mesh if you have any other option. You would get much better performance to use something like powerline networks and then use a device acting as a AP to provide the wifi signal at the remote room.

If you mean seamless roaming that is a myth. The end device is in full control of where it connects and it tends to not want to switch. Not that it really matters there is almost no need for "seamless" roaming. Worst case you just stop and start the wifi on the device and it will connect with the strongest signal. I can just see the idiots "seamless" roaming netflix while they fall down the stairs in their house.