Cannot Access Local Network Resources When Connected to VPN


Nov 11, 2013
This is a home network with a Win 7 desktop hardwired to a Linksys ea8300 router and a Win 10 laptop connected via wifi. Internet connectivity is comcast connected via Arris 6190 cable modem. I have network shares on both machines and a laser printer connected directly to the router. I recently added IPVanish VPN (via client sw, not thru the router) and have since lost any access to all network resources. The home network is a typical 192.168.1.x

When VPN is connected, the desktop has 2 networks, my original Home network and the IKEv2 vpn network, but it appears that they are not connected in any way, so neither machine sees the shares on the other machine.

From the research I have done so far, I see talk about setting up some type of split tunneling and/or using the gateway on the remote network. Networking is not my area of expertise so I need some help here. I don't see anything in the VPN setup and IPVanish has been no help here. A couple of other posts suggested changes to adapter setting but my setup/configuration doesn't match.

I really need to get this working because I use the laptop to access shares on the desktop and access the printer.

I can provide a pic of the IPVanish connection settings if necessary.

Anyway, I would appreciate some help here.
I have an explanation but no solution.

When u elect a tunnel, that's secured, so the far-away network doesn't want YOU to "contaminate" their network. VPN is not only to secure YOU, but the far-away network wants to be secured also, hence no talking to another potentially compromised network while you are talking to them, the far-away network.

How to go around? that's the question.