Question Cannot connect to one specific site.

Oct 30, 2020
Hey all,

I have a very frustrating issue with an internet connection. I am an online teacher. I teach via an app for windows provided by the company. About a week ago I started having connection issues. When I go to use the app it will not load and will say my internet is not connected. The same thing also happens when I attempt to go to their website (a web version of the application). It is only this single connection that fails and when I do a speed test I have a solid connection (~60mbps). All other websites function normally.

Something that is weird is it will work sometimes, without me changing anything. Another oddity is the IT test on the teaching app will say I have a good connection to their servers but I don't. If I try to load any pages it freezes up and eventually times out. One last weird thing that may help is sometimes I will be in a class and I can see and hear my student, and they can hear and see me, so I am connected to that server. But, elements in the app won't load or function properly, and if I refresh it won't reload the page. I would assume they are from different servers and I am having an issue connecting to one specific server.

I have determined it is a problem with my wifi network as both mine and my girlfriend's hotspot works without any issue. After completely resetting my router to factory settings it seemingly fixed the problem. I logged on a few times over 12 hours without issue. Then, again, without changing anything it stopped working again.

Any help is appreciated this is causing me massive headaches.