cannot extend my partition for my linux


Feb 25, 2015
I have duel booted kali next to windows 10. when i partitioned my hard drive i gave kali 20GB on the intention of extending it as i needed the space. i want to add another 20 GB and have unallicated it. now i am having trouble adding to my kali. i have attached a photo of my issue. i have installed gparted on usb bootable. so im not in my linux or windows part. i have named my unalicated space "free space" and my linux is called kali. thank you for your help. you can also view the image at
What you are doing looks a little funny to me. It looks like you created a partition named "Free space."

What you need to do is arrange the partitions on the drive so that you have not allocated the space that you want to expand your existing partition into. Typically, the partition you are expanding has to be adjacent to the free space you are adding to it.

If your partition is not adjacent to the free space, Windows is able to perform non-adjacent free space addition if the disk is dynamic instead of simple, which is probably of no use to you since it can't be done on boot disks, and I have no idea the Linux support for such a drive type.

The other option would be to use a partitioning program that supports moving things around for you. It should rearrange things so your partition is in one piece after it finishes.

I haven't used GPARTED in a while so don't remember if it will rearrange the free space or not, but there shouldn't be anything preventing doing the rearranging manually yourself.

Here is another partitioning tool that offers a free version, if you can't get your results with GPARTED:

MiniTool Partition Wizard

Looks like, if you delete the "New Partition #1," slide SDA5 over to the left, adjacent to SDA4, you should then be able to expand SDA6 into the now unallocated free space.
Those 16.00 MiB, 1.00 MiB Unknown and possibly the last 1.00 MiB unallocatd spaces are created when the HDD has partition unalignment issues, use Minitool Partition Wizard from Windows to align partitions one by one and watch for program warnings on possible data loss and backup as necessary... when all is done problem should be solved... If Minitool can't merge the unknown and unallocated spaces, Active Partition Manager should do it.

You also have a display issue that should be taken care of... I had that pixelated distortion you see on the image when my last monitor's capacitors were failing.. check and tighten the monitor's data and power connections, update the graphics driver, and add or update the monitor brand/model drivers.