Question Cannot get video output after gpu install.

Mar 14, 2021
Hi Guys,

I have had an old prebuilt desktop sitting around unused for quite some time and wanted to install one of my old GPUs to make it passable for older games for my nephew.

CPU: A10-9700 (has onboard graphics processing) (verified to be working)
Ram: 8gb DDR4 (verified to be working)
PSU: 430Watts (verified working)
Motherboard is DAAM4L-Flavia, with bios version A01-R4

The GPU i am trying to install:
GTX 660ti (verified to be working in seperate computer)

My issues:
-The computer boots without issue before I try to install the GPU. If i go into the BIOS at this stage, I can see it has Onboard graphics selected, and i do not have an option to select the PCIE slot - presumably because nothing is in the PCIE slot. Device manager indicates that R7-Onboard graphics are present and functioning.
-When i go to install the GPU in the PCIE slot, i do not get any video output (from 660TI card - HDMI and DVI both show no signal). Fans are spinning, and i get no beep code errors (a single short beep, same as when it works with gpu uninstalled). I cannot even see the bios startup splash screen.
-With the GPU installed, i do not get any signal from the motherboard HDMI port, which seems to indicate it has automatically switched off the onboard graphics. This is expected.

What i think the problem is:
I think the computer sounds like it is booting up fine with the GPU installed, but it does not have the correct drivers to display any output. I feel as though i should be able to install the card, go into the bios menu and select the PCIE slot for graphics, but instead i can see nothing, thus cannot do anything.

Solutions I have tried so far:
-I have tried disabling the R7 onboard graphics in device manager before shut down + install of new GPU. This didn't work.
-I have booted without the GPU installed into safe mode, run the DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) which auto shuts down, installed the GPU in the case and rebooted in regular mode hoping windows would find the correct drivers. This didn't work.
-I have tried to preinstall 660 drivers from NVIDIA's website before installing the GPU. This didn't work either.
-I have tried different monitors. Didn't work.

In short, as soon as the GPU goes in, all video outputs = No signal. Take out the GPU = Mobo video output works again.

I have never had this much of an issue installing a GPU before, I've been building PC's since 2003. It is frustrating me tremendously. Please help!

Many thanks