Question Cant boot disk1 after deleting disk 0


Dec 2, 2017
I have mechanical HDD with windows 10 pro -it is labled disk0. I bought a new NVME2 and installed win 10 pro it is labeled disk1. I did not disconnect disk0 when I installed disk1. when I boot up I get a screen which asks me to select disk 0 or disk 1, and can get into either one no problem.
I decided I didn't need disk0 anymore and wanted to get rid of all partitions on it so went into cmd>diskpart>select disk 0>clean. this deleted everything in disk 0.
now disk1 doesn't look like it has any of that reserved windows partition, boot\file page\etc. so when I restarted my computer, it keeps asking for boot file. I guess it relied on disk 0 to boot. is there any way to make disk1 bootable? or do I need a fresh reinstall of windows on disk1 (and make sure I don't connect disk0)?

I tried reinstalling windows on disk 0, but I don't get that dual boot screen selection option anymore. it just boots straight to disk 0.
When you installed windows with disk 0 present, windows put a small hidden recovery partition on disk 0 making it all but impossible to boot disk 1 without disk0 present.

Disconnect disk 0 and reinstall windows on disk 1. The recovery partition will be placed on disk1.
Later, you can reattach disk0 and your old folders will be available on it.

As another option, many ssd makers will have a clone/move utility to move your C drive to the new ssd.
Samsung has a very good one if your new ssd can hold the used contents of the original HDD.
If your old windows was running well, this is not a bad option.
OTOH if a reinstall is not a problem, that is a good thing to do.