Question Cant Connect To Steam Or Blizzard.Net, And Unable to Install Malwarebytes


Feb 3, 2018
So i Started Playing at 11 in the morning, And I was Not able to Access Steam Through anywhere like literally it was not running in the client and the website was also unable to reach on chrome, opera, edge. So i checked my Firewall etc and thought that i have gotten a virus or smth so i downloaded Malwarebytes and for around 2 hours i was having trouble installing it, at first it was just stuck at Installing and the progress bar was at 0%, then after few tries, the progress bar started going to like 25, 30% and then it gives error that it failed to install. I Tried The Malwarebytes Support Tool, And The Offline Installer, both went unsuccessful and after 3 hours or so it finally installed but now shows up as Malwarebytes Unknown in the system tray and Malwarebytes Undefined as the title. I Have started scanning and it is scanning for 45m now and have found only 1 detection. And My Pc Is Also Hanging And Like Suddenly Stops Responding. Cant Connect To Steam,


Download on another computer, make a boot USB and boot from the free Kaspersky Rescue Disk 18, do not boot from W10 first. There are instructions along with the download button.

Most good computer pathogens disable all programs that could clean it off. KRD18 will not allow rootkits or anything else on your drive to become active and is highly effective.

Unless, of course, you don't need anything on the computer, then just nuke it and do a clean re-install. Then get a good anti-virus.