Can't connect via wired ethernet. Wireless if fine.


Mar 26, 2012
I built my first computer yesterday and everything went amazing. Unfortunately, I am having trouble simply connecting to the internet via wired, ethernet, cables. I can connect wirelessly but I need to connect wired as well. My IP when I am only using a wire starts as 169...

I know this typically means there is a problem with my router, however, due to the fact that my laptop can use the wire router perfectly fine but my computer doesn't I am at a loss. I have downloaded the ethernet drivers but I don't know what to do. If anyone here has any advice please let me know. Thank you.


When you plug the cable into your machine, do you get connection lights where you plugged the cable in? You should see yellow/green/orange lights flashing right where you plugged the cable in. If you don't get some form of connectivity lights, then try a different cable, or port on your router.



1. You say you downloaded the drivers, but did you install them? If not, do so.

2. Does your laptop connect fine to the internet when hard wiring it to your router? (Test same port on router that you are using for desktop)

Post your make and model of router, modem, and NIC.