Can't decide between 9700k or 8700k...or ryzen 7

Sep 13, 2018
I should wait and buy the i7 9700k,... Instead of the 8700k?... At the other hand I'm thinking about 2800x...but I'm afraid that it will be as bad as the 2700x in games... Both amd and Intel. Solution cost almost the same so the price tag is not something important for me in this case... I need to upgrade my whole system, I'm using a fx 8320, and a gtx 1080...which bottleneck as you might expect...


Aug 21, 2017
If u want to game i7 8700k is the best pick i7 9700k(+has 2 more cores) wont be much better its just another refresh. Ryzen 7 2700x is not bad cpu if u want to play at 1440p it will work as good as i7. For streaming and content creation the 2700x is probably more practical. I have heard rumors that 2800x is maybe 10 core cpu. But i dont expect to bu much better then 2700x after all. Its your pick. Both are good if u wont play at 1080p low setting amd will catch the gtx 1080. Or u can buy ryzen 2600/x which is the best deal and when amd realese 3th gen of ryzen u can move to the ryzen 3700.
The 8700K is very fast today, and, even if the 9700K potentially ever-so-slightly passes it in a month or two's time, it won't be by much, as a 100 MHz higher turbo clock speed can only do so much, and, 6c/12t is proving quite adept on all current games....
I honestly see little reason to wait for the 9700K. Why? Because the performance increase is virtually nonexistent. 6 cores and 12 threads is essentially the same as 8 cores and 8 threads. You could overclock the 8700K and get exactly the same performance as the 9700K.