Can't decide between mobo's

I use to always recommend the asrock extreme 4 until i noticed only 1 year warranty on those boards over 3 year other brands unless information on microcenter website is wrong

also checked asrock website which states

ASRock provide 1 year warranty service to Authorized Distributor, users should refer to the retailer or original vender RMA & Refund policy. If experiencing difficulties in warranty service through your dealer or place of purchase, ASRock will attempt to resolve this issue. For the motherboard that out of warranty, there is a service charge depend on the model + shipping for each item. ASRock America will only provide warranty service to ASRock products purchased within North America.

instantly found ASUS motherboard says 36 months

newegg well they will cover you for 30 days after that you are going to call asrock and be at their mercy pretty much doesnt really matter what newegg put there.
amazon for extreme 4 says to look on manufacturers website
superbiiz says after 30 days call manufacturer
mwave lists 1 year warranty
microcenter lists 1 year
asrock website lists 1 year
my conclusion is its 1 year warranty only place that says 3 is newegg
i am going to email newegg and ask them as its a board i always use to recommend