Cant find Ethernet Controller Drive PLEASE HELP!


Dec 18, 2012
Hey guys, so for the past few hours Ive been desperately trying to find the driver I need for this Ethernet Controller...

Its quite an old computer it is a HP Media center PC 800
I recently did a restore so it no longer has the driver for it and so I cant get on the internet at all. And all of the automated programs that are supposed to tell you exactly what driver you need require access to the internet... So that was obviously no help to me at all. So please help me... Before my hair starts turning grey at the age of 19 >:l

If you need any additional info on the computer you can just ask here or shoot me an E-Mail at

And just another side note... A few years back something went wrong with the ethernet port that came in the computer and whenever I plugged a active ethernet into it the computer just froze completely and I would turn it off and try to turn it back on but it would just do nothing and be a black screen until I turned off again and unpluggd the ethernet wire and after that it would run like normal so I had a new one installed. Dont know if that means anything.
You need to go into Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and scroll to Network Adapters. Makesure you pick the right ethernet adapter if th eoriginal is still showing in the list. Right click it, go to Properties and then click the Details tab. Scroll to HardwareIDs and take a note of the four characters which follow VEN for Vendor and also the four following DEV for Device.

Go to and input those characters in the two relevant boxes and follow the trail to the right driver. When you find the list of the Vendor's drivers, they aren't in order so use your browser's Find facility to track the Device details. With luck you'll have an executable file but some will be a zipped folder.