Question Cant find Nvidia gpu in device manager and fans blowing on max

Feb 27, 2020
I need help with my Asus G750jw, everything was working fine and then the next day I cant find my Nvidia Gpu in device manager and will only show Intel integrated graphics. I have all ready tried to look for hidden devices and install previous drivers, also my fans are both blowing at max speed and cant fix that. Before this my date kept resetting to 2009 on my laptop as well. Can anyone help me with these issues? Thank you


Feb 25, 2020
When did you buy the laptop? Change the CMOS battery (watch dissembly video about your particular model laptop), remember when you open the laptop, before taking off anything , take battery out and remove power cable then press 10 second power button to discharge, then proceed with disassembly until you see the cmos battery. Be careful not to break the plastic clip which holds it.

Then to next issue (this was date resetting to 2009, CMOS isssue) your gpu is failing and ur running on CPUs internal graphics atm. You can change the graphics card on this model, there is few options you can do.

1. Search "baking gpu or fixing gpu in the oven" just take the GPU out of the motherboard and test with way lower temperatures than these guides suggest, like 150c max. THIS WONT FIX your card but might be enough to test if its 100% sure that gpu is the failing part if it works after that.

2. buy new gpu (exact model for this motherboard) and gpu upgrade (search for threads about upgrading your gpu while at it, this might involve buying new heatsinks or power supply or modifying heatsink or flashing bios, only for advanced users)