Question Can't get passed BIOS splash screen or windows installation.

Aug 7, 2019
So I've just recently installed a new motherboard for overclocking headroom. After installation of the new motherboard, I attempted to boot my system. I was greeted with the usual BIOS splash screen and then the Windows boot up screen. Soon the windows logo disappeared and it was just the spinning wheel. I let it load for a while but nothing happened. I then decided that it was maybe a driver error, so I reinstalled Windows. Now my PC does one of a couple things when I turn it on. If take out the installation media tool it will boot to the "insert media device" as if I never installed windows or the BIOS splash screen will show (sometimes saying "preparing") with the spinning loading wheel. This resulting in it freezing for the exception of one occasion it kept loading but then shortly restarted on its own. Now, if I leave the installation media tool in during boot up it will go right to the Windows installation screen again even after just installing Windows. This is where I'm at now. I will list my specifications and steps that I've taken so far.

I'd like to note that I reverted to my old motherboard

CPU: delidded i7-7700k
Old motherboard (currently using): MSI Z270 PC MATE
New motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M7
RAM: 4x8Gb model # TLGD416G3200HC16CDC01
CPU Cooler: Some Asetek 120mm AIO I pulled from a prebuilt
GPU: MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X 8gb
Power Supply: Corsair RM750X 750W
Case: Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C model
Storage: 1. WD Green 250gb SSD
2. Samsung 860 QVO 2tb SSD

Steps I have taken so far
  1. Reinstalled windows
  2. Switched back to old motherboard
  3. Created new installation media tool with ISO file and USB/DVD tool then attempted another reinstall
  4. Installed on other drive
  5. Installing with only one drive connected
  6. Turned XMP off
  7. Individually checked sticks of RAM
  8. Checked RAM slots
  9. Bought new flash drives for media tool
  10. Checked all connections
  11. Reseated CPU
  12. Reset BIOS by removing CMOS battery
  13. Tried different Sata data ports
  14. Changed Sata data cables
If you need any more information feel free to ask! Thank you.