Question Cant get Ram to 3200mhz on Rog Strix b-450f gaming MOBO

Oct 14, 2020
So Ive done some googling and searching on this and cant seem to find a working solution for me. Not long ago I had the MSI b450 gaming edge MOBO and I got my ram to 3200mhz no problem. That board unfortunately shorted out. (puppies, what can ya do?) So when I got a new MOBO they talked me into the Rog strix b-450f gaming. But since Ive had it, I cant seem to hit the 3200mhz mark. Ive got the system set to optimal overclocking in the BIOS. But anytime I try to set to 3200mhz, I get blue screened. Ive tried setting it to DCOP standard and that does nothing and that seems to be the only answer i can find for this board. . My BIOS is up to date also. When everything is auto, its fine but cant even get it to 3000mhz. It runs steady 2666Mhz. Heres my cpu and ram if it helps.

Ryzen 9 3900X
OLOY warhawk 3200mhz cl16 64gb 4x16gb

Thanks for any advice!


Can be touch and go using four dimms on some motherboards. What happens if you used two sticks, are you then able to run at rated dram speeds with no issue?

Getting four sticks to work may require a bit of effort. I suggest watching this and use the two programs to give you the information you need to give it a good try and enter memory settings manually. Asus's auto DOCP algorithm may not be as in-depth as Msi in setting a variety of parameters between the two boards.



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What do you mean by "optimal overclocking"? Because THIS is probably part of your problem. The other part, and it's a big part, is that you have cheap memory. OLOy is garbage as far as I'm concerned. I haven't seen more than a handful of people who've managed to be able to get a higher than 2666mhz XMP profile working on a Ryzen platform when they had an OLOy memory kit.

I'd return it, and get some quality memory like one of the Ripjaws, Flare X or Trident Z kits from G.Skill. Avoid the Corsair LPX kits.

If the memory manufacturer doesn't offer a validation tool like Corsair (Corsair memory finder), G.Skill (G.Skill memory configurator) or Crucial (Crucial advisor tool) do, then for Ryzen systems that manufacturer's products are best avoided.

As Boju has indicated, trying to get high speed operation on Ryzen platforms using four DIMMs is an unlikely venture as well. For anything over 2933mhz you are extremely fortunate, regardless of who made the memory kit, to get four DIMMs to run at the profile configuration or high speed. It is architecturally limited, and AMD has made this clear.


Apr 26, 2020
Get yourself some g skills sticks that can run at 3600 you might be surprised how Ryzen works with them. I have 2x8GB 3600Mhz running 3588Mhz stable on a Ryzen 3 3600G by adjusting the voltage to 1.35 on MSI b450 Gaming Pro Plus board.