Question Can't get RAM to register and error? ThreadRipper


Nov 10, 2014
My system is,
ROG Zenith II Extreme
ThreadRipper 3970x
G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 256GB (8 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200

So first time booting with 8 sticks of RAM in the MOBO I was getting an error and not able to even post. So going through everything I was able to figure out that the RAM slots A1 and B1 were not allowing the post. However, with 6 sticks in A2 and B2 RAM was allowing a post , but not being recognized.
Next step was to flash the BIOS to the latest. No dice

So I resat the CPU and nothing changed. So I figured it was a faulty MOBO. I went ahead and bought another MOBO.
Try number 2,
The exact same thing happened and now I have 128gb of RAM that I can't use, not to mention that the system will not boot with DOCP enabled. So I can't even have the RAM run at stated frequency.

What do I have top do to get this to work?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Feb 29, 2020
what is the exact model number of your rams...when I checked QVL of your MB,

Only compatible models are some of ripjaws...

I had similar issue when I built my system, I only checked GSkill's QVL (Trident Z Neo f4-3600c18d-32gtzn) list and my MB (MSI Meg x570 Ace) was listed. But after I built the system, I realized exact ram model was NOT listed in MB QVL list. I was able to install windows and updates, but wasn't able to register the full speed of 3600, so I ended up switching to different model number.
The G.Skill 8 x 32 GB memory kit part number F4-3200C16Q2-256GTRG is compatible with the Asus ROG-Zenith-II-Extreme motherboard.

Some of the eight memory modules might be faulty.

So, try ONE memory module at a time in memory slot A1.

If the computer fails to boot with any of the individual modules, then those modules are most likely faulty. If so, then the entire 8 x 32 GB kit will have to be replaced with another 8 x 32 GB kit.

If the computer boots fine for all eight modules tested one at a time in slot A1, then the modules are probably OK. This means some adjustments in BIOS may be required.

If modules are OK for single module test, then try all 8 modules in different slots.

If computer fails to boot, then move modules to different slots. This process may take some time considering all the possible combinations of modules to memory slots.

If computer still fails to boot with all 8 modules despite trying different positions of modules in different memory slots then with one module in slot A1, boot into BIOS.

Manually set memory frequency a bit lower than 3200 MHz for a start.
And/or manually set memory timings a bit more relaxed for a start.
And/or manually set DRAM Voltage up a little to ~ 1.40 V.

Then add more modules after all this has been done, and if necessary make further adjustments in BIOS as required until all 8 modules are installed and running.

After all 8 modules installed and running, then make fine adjustments in BIOS to get to the wanted memory performance.

If still can't get all 8 modules to run despite the above AND all individual modules have been individually tested to be OK, then further advanced adjustments in BIOS may be required.


Nov 10, 2014
OK, checked all the RAM and slots. The RAM is all OK as all sticks run fine in the working slots.

But I have found the the DIMM B1 and B2 are not registering RAM at all and slot B1 is causing a post error.

But , what I can't work out is that this is the second MOBO with the same results. Is this just a fluke or is something wrong here?
Remove the CPU and check it and its socket very carefully.

Check that there are no bent or damaged pins.
Check that there is no dust, dirt, nor debris on or among the pins and pads.
Remount the CPU carefully and evenly. Uneven mounting of the CPU can cause loss of contact between some pins and pads with consequent issues occurring such as memory loss and other memory related issues.