Cant get replacement ssd for smart status hdd to work-no display upon boot


May 2, 2017

I recently received a smart alert on my asus rog g20 so I decided to replace the hdd with a 250gb samsung 850 evo ssd. The ssd arrived and I successfully migrated the contents of my old drive using a sata to usb cable. I shut down and opened up the case, and put the ssd exactly where the hdd was with the same connections. When I boot the pc up the fans spin, case lights up, keyboard lights up but I get no display at all on my monitor (with dvi or hdmi to my tv), it just stays black. This is the first time I tinker with the inside of a pc so I thought ok I put something back wrong but no matter how carefully I rechecked everything I always get the same thing. So I took out the ssd and put my bad hdd back in and everything is cool (still has smart status) but it boots and works like it always has. So I guess I'm putting it back together right. If I try to boot with no hard drives at all installed I get the same lack of display as when I have the ssd in, it's to my understanding that I should be able to access the bios with no hd?

At this point I dont know if it's just the migration didnt actually work or what is happening. I tried to boot with the ssd with a windows installation usb plugged in so I could do a clean install but I get the same lack of display as before. Also I dont know if it matters or not but when I plug the ssd in with my sata to usb cable it shows me that the ssd is totally full...but I definately didnt have 250gb of stuff on my old hdd to transfer..

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.