Question Can't get windows to boot from hard drive when motherboard changed?

Sep 9, 2019
I recently got a new motherboard, cpu and ram, and when i went to boot from the drive i had previously used, it wouldnt work. I have 3 hdd drives one with windows 10 that i used as my main drive. I also had 2 others with windows 7 on one, and 8 on another. Both are just used as extra storage as my main drive is completely full. I have tried to clear and load a new set of windows 10 onto one of the spare drives but cant get it to work. I have tried alot and at this point, dont care about any of the data on the drives. How can i clear one of the drives and get a fresh copy of windows on it or restore the old drives copy.


Use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create the install media
Remove all but the main drive from the system.
Connect the Install Media to a USB port.
Boot up the system, changing the boot priority to USB First if necessary.
When Windows Install asks where to put the install, format the drive first (should be under Advanced) then install.
Once the install is complete, then you can reconnect the other two drives and format them (if you don't care what's on them).

-Wolf sends