Question Can't let a program run in the background

Oct 11, 2019
I've been seeking a reminder program that suits my purposes and it's been surprisingly difficult, but I found one that pretty much does everything I need, except it seems to have been developed for Windows 8 and then abandoned and not brought up to date for 10. The program is called RemindMe for Windows.

The program has a recurrence feature (for recurring reminders), but when I try to use it it tells me this:

"RemindMe needs to run in the background in order for recurrences to work, but is not running in the background currently."

And then it invites me to go to help and when I do I get this:

But when I click add to lock screen it tells me I have to do it manually.

So I went to Settings->Lock Screen and added RemindMe to list of apps under "Choose which apps show quick status on the lock screen," but I still get told the same thing when I try to use the recurrence feature, as if nothing had changed.

When I go on App Settings in Windows and go to RemindMe, there's the App permissions header with the "Background apps" option where I could make RemindMe a bacgkround app. It's turned off, but I can't turn it off. It's greyed out.

Anyone know why this is or what I might do?